Because building opportunities for people with disabilities strengthens the entire community, it is our vision to provide a place to live, work and play for everyone. We are committed to the idea that everyone has gifts that can impact others. It is our challenge to build venues and create opportunities for cooperative growth through the use of these gifts.

Through FAITH we strive to cultivate:

* Diversity: To draw ideas from each person’s unique perspective and use them as a catalyst for empowerment.
* Personal Choice: To recognize the variety of individual needs and goals and support them when possible.
* Awareness: We strive to be mindful of the diverse needs of others. People are challenged daily by things we take for granted.
* Service: We are here to fulfill unmet needs wherever possible. We are at our best when we give.
Company Overview
Central Florida Pediatric Therapy Foundation Inc. is a new non-profit organization in Central Florida. We are committed to FAITH (Families Achieving Independence Through Him).

Central Florida Pediatric Therapy Associates has been treating the pediatric population since 1991. Physical, occupational, speech therapies and early intervention services provide habilitation for children/youth with special needs. As the children progress and leave the therapy world, it has become a concern of CFPTA therapists that the graduates become lost in the world of the able-bodied.

Adults with physical disabilities have the same life goals as the able-bodied. They want to lead independent and purposeful lives. They want to participate in community activities with their peers, be financially independent and stay physically fit.

CFPT Foundation aims to create opportunities for independent living. Our FAITH House accommodates 2-3 adults with disabilities who can share financial burdens and utilize unique adaptations special to the house. We offer classes for children and young adults in Tae Kwon Do, Dance, and Gymnastics. We also offer hippotherapy (therapy on horseback) and therapeutic riding. Our long-term goal is to open a facility in Clermont, FL that will house these programs and many more.

You can read more about our organization at our website: www.faithprojects.org

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