Providing Opportunity, Building Community, Maximizing Ability for Individuals With Autism and Other Disabilities

To enable individuals with autism and other disabilities the opportunity to improve on the quality of life through a multidisciplinary approach.

Company Overview:

Our Vision: To improve on the services we currently offer, through the use of vocational skills training, functional living skills training, social skills training, Occupational Therapy, and Behavior Analysis services.

We’re working towards purchasing land to build a multi-functional facility for the Central Florida special needs population and their families and, ultimately, build a residential facility where members of the local special needs population can live, work and play in a community setting.

General Information:

Programs: After-School Program, Camps, Saturday Events, Therapy, Adult Career Programs, Special Olympics Training.

To donate: Visit > Online Donations. We accept major credit cards and Pay Pal. You may also mail a check or money order.

To volunteer: Visit > Volunteer

To participate in programs: Visit > Programs or call/e-mail OCA.

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